Friday, September 21, 2012

Introducing: Really really thick socks

It's this time of the year again: Days are getting shorter and it's getting colder. Cold feet anyone? 

Try these:

I've been knitting very warm socks and getting the creativity flowing with the different cable patterns. This style is inspired by my trip to the Aran Islands (where the famous Aran sweaters are sold). The yarn is also called Aran yarn, but it doesn't mean the yarn is from the sheep from the Aran islands. It just means that this is the suitable yarn to knit those big, warm, heavy Aran sweaters. And surely, the material will work well with socks too. 

Last year I made the first pairs, and I tested them myself. 

Test results: 
The socks are warm. The ones with cable pattern especially.
The socks are great inside the house, to wear instead of shoes. 
The socks are great for wearing in bed too. 
The socks make great presents
The socks are washable, I've washed mine quite a few times, and they are still as new (in the washing machine, 30 degrees, with other knitwear)

The material is between 25 and 30% wool, 75 to 80 % acrylic (except the grey ones which are 100% acrylic). It's very soft and nice. 

As always, none of the socks I have for sale have ever been worn, I don't have the greatest pictures, but the socks were not worn by anyone before. (I have a bit of an issue with feet myself). If there are photos showing my socks worn by somebody, then a fresh pair was knitted for Etsy. 

Socks can be bought here (while stocks last):

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