Monday, November 3, 2014

Finished Christmas Stockings and a new crochet project

Last weekend I finished 4 orders. 

Reindeer and Snowflake in pure wool

Purple with grey with cute little ones

Each one a different colour heel

Set of 5, took about 3 months. 

As a reward I also continued on my crochet blanket. It will have stripes of different patterns. I see a lot of them on the internet, but I'm not following a pattern (just patterns for the different squares). I also want to do stripes and some sort of horizontal stripes. And maybe something really simple, like squares in one colour. I don't want airy patterns, these are pretty solid so far.

Christmas stockings & patterns are for sale in my Etsy shop (but no more custom orders for 2014): Santa's Sock Central

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