Monday, February 23, 2015

February - and swamped with orders...

Well, it's not so bad. Nobody is in a big rush to get their Christmas stockings at the moment. But I'm still knitting 3 orders at the same time, all for 4 or 5 stockings. I have finished 2 orders in the new year, these four:

These are pure wool (Donegal Tweed), a few new colour combinations, each one is different, but they are still clearly a set. 

And for these two I had to make up a fox and an owl pattern, which took ages again. I test knitted each pattern in a smaller stocking, originally the fox hat a long tail as well, but the customer preferred the foxes matching the owls, two each side, both so cute. 

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  1. I do knit and love to do it, but this looks impossible to me. So beautiful :)