Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Stockings - Creating Memories

Christmas conjures up soothing memories - the scent of pine and cinnamon, the crackle and warmth of a fire, and time-honored traditions that thrill hearts young and old in equal measure. One of the most delightful of these traditions is the Christmas stocking. Whether your family dives into stockings bursting with treats the night before Christmas or early in the morning before the main event, the hanging of empty stockings always elicits a tiny thrill of expectation. 

Wool Christmas Stockings
Stockings are the perfect place for the most personal of gifts: little trinkets that remind our beloved ones of the best things in life often find themselves tucked neatly in the toe of a knit sock. Capture the spirit of this tradition with a traditional Christmas stocking personalized for your family.

Personalized Christmas Stockings
Now accepting orders for 2016, out of season discount available until May 2016 (or a small stocking for cat or dog as my gift): Santa's Sock Central on Etsy

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