Saturday, June 9, 2012


My holidays are almost over, so I'm looking back at the books I've read:

Helen Moorhouse: The dead summer
I finished this book on the plane. It was a good read, lots of ghost activity. A bit like 'ghost hunters' on tv, where they come with their equipment and measure activity. It seems to be the first in a series by this Irish author.

Jennifer Donnelly: Die Wildrose (The Wild Rose)
The third book after the Tea Rose and the Winter Rose, it's about the thrid sibling, Seamus. I have only started it. 

Dagmar Trodler: Die Waldgraefin
It didn't hold my attention, I will give it another try after I finished the Wild Rose.

Tatort Franken No. 3
I got this regional crime novel collection as an early birthday present from my mother. She was very much interested in the one story written by my former English teacher who also lives in the area and apparently included tales of the town in the story.

I also watched lots of Criminal Minds during the last few days, I'm in season 5 now. 


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