Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm starting this blog as an experiment to see if I like it or not, basically. I'm not big into writing and promoting myself, so I'll probably end up posting lots of pictures. 

My nickname is Gigi, I'm 29 and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I'm from Germany originally and often visit. I'm currently back in Germany for the week, doing lots of shopping and lots of knitting, some for my Etsy shop (, some for myself, this is my work in progress for the week:

Red: Christmas stocking "Merry Xmas" red with blue, white and black, Purple: Pair of regular socks, Turquoise: Cable V-Neck Sweater  



  1. Hello :)
    Dropping by to say hello from the Interactive Blogging Team :). Looking forwards to reading your blog. I love the christmas stocking!

  2. You're certainly going to be kept busy ! I like the looks of the Cable V-Neck sweater !

  3. Hello from the interactive blogging team! I'm a knitter myself and have a stack neck to my couch like that too :). I absolutely love that turquoise color. That's going to be one beautiful scarf!