Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giveaway Prizes Finished

Last month I sponsored two giveaways with two different blogs. Here are the two stockings I knitted for the two winners:

The Cael stocking is for Stefanie from Canada, winner of the Marlie and me blog giveaway:
Marlie and Me giveaway 
I just finished this stocking last weekend. I experimented a little bit: I made a different cuff, it's stretchier and bigger, which is what you want in a Christmas stocking, I think... The heel is smaller and the tip is bigger. The stars are a new motif. The white patterns are bigger, because I really like the white on red contrast, and the black patterns are only 3 rows, this allows for me to control the size better.

The second stocking is for the Created by Laurie Blog winner Kimberly. I'm excited to see one of my stockings go all the way to Trinidad and Tobago! 

This one was a pleasure to knit as well, the penguins on blue just work very well, I think. 

I enjoyed both giveaways very much, thanks to Laurie and Teresha for organising it! 

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  1. They both turned out beautiful! I wish I knew how to knit :)