Monday, August 13, 2012

Knitting Project: 4 Christmas Stockings

Last weekend I finished these four Christmas stockings:

It was the first time I knitted no name or no "Merry Xmas" on them, instead I made two rows of characters, one going right, one going left. This way, the stockings can be hung up in either direction. 

I love the symmetry of the stockings: There are two white characters with black background and two black characters with white background. The large white-black-blue panel is repeated twice on each stocking. I took care not to repeat the same blue pattern in the same place, though I couldn't help repeating some of them. The foot part of the stocking had to be the same length, so I finished with a three-row pattern, two same ones.

There were a few challenges too: The polar bears are smaller, but longer than the other ones, the snowmen are the tallest. I had to count how many stitches I was missing with the polar bears, compared to the other stockings, and make the other panels (blue and white) bigger. 

The biggest challenge was the snowmen's noses/carrots. I couldn't take orange like I did with the blue snowmen stocking I knitted before. I didn't even try orange, I'm sure it would have clashed with the wine red. So I tried red, like the stockings' main colour.

I think it looks like the snowman is wearing lipstick. So (in agreement with my customer), I left the snowman with black noses. 

And now I'm finished, I took lots of pictures and I'm ready to ship them to their new home, all the way to Canada. It was lots of fun knitting them.

Want stockings like these?

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  1. These are so cute!! I found your blog through the etsy blogging team and just hopped over to follow and say hello. I look forward to seeing more of your creations :-)