Monday, July 8, 2013

Christmas in July CIJ - Etsy

Christmas in July is taking place at the moment on Etsy. Individual shops are putting their items on sale, the discounts vary from 10% up to 75%, free shipping, buy one get one free/ half price etc. 

I just made my first purchase today, and thought I'd share some shopping tips. 

1. Use search to search for whatever items you want, add CIJ to the description. I.e. I was looking for chevron bags, so this is my search: link

2. Etsy has a new feature for creating lists, so you can go back and look through the lists you created for i.e. gifts for mom, gifts for myself, Christmas decoration etc. At the moment I'm adding things I like and might want and I can come back later to check if these items might be on sale.

3. The Etsy UK and Ireland team has a discount code for at least 10 % off, search for CIJUK10, like this: link This is especially great if you're in Ireland or the UK because the shipping is lower. 

4. To get inspiration, check out treasuries, search for CIJ, like this: link

Here's a video about the sale: youtube link

In my shop I'm offering a discount of 10% when the coupon code CIJUK10 is used, link

Happy Shopping!

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