Thursday, July 18, 2013

My top 10 favourite authors

In summer I read a lot, and it's definitely summer at the moment in Ireland! These are my top 10 favourite authors of all time:

1. Kate Morton: I recently read "the secret keeper" which is I think the 4th book I read of her, I love them all.

2. Jeffrey Archer: I picked up the first book I read of him (the prisoner of birth) when I was waiting 6 hours for a flight (the plane was unavailable). 

3. Nicci French: I liked the first book I read the most ("beneath the skin"), it was so good I'm buying every book published by Nicci French.

4. Tana French: Gets extra points for location (Ireland, mostly Dublin)

5. Stieg Larsson: Pretty intense reading days when I read the series.  

6. Khaled Hosseini: Doesn't have many books published, but quality ones. Can't wait to read the newest one. 

7. Harlan Coben: Always a solid thriller.

8. Sebastian Fitzek: A German author, one wonders how he possibly concludes the books in any logical way, but mostly satisfying reads.

9. Frank Schaetzing: I didn't read the weird ones, but "the swarm" was really good and I also enjoyed most of the older books.

10. Nora Roberts: I haven't actually read a book by her in ages (because the last few I read were disappointing), but the first English book I ever read was by her ("River's End") and I like the stand-alone ones, not the trilogies that go on and on and on... My recommendations would be: Honest Illusions, Public Secrets, Sanctuary, Montana Sky


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