Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currently Working on: Lots of Christmas Stockings

So much to do, so little time! I got all the personalized stocking orders I can handle for this Christmas, which is great! Now I just have to knit 19 stockings in the next 6 weeks. Fingers crossed there are no more do-overs. 

I'm going to take photos only on weekends and send photos on Mondays. The light will be bad soon when I get home from work in the evenings. So I will have lots of works in progress. Currently 6 orders I'm working on. One isn't in the photo yet, I started it yesterday afternoon. The set of 5 in the top right corner is basically finished, "just" sewing in of a million threads and the loops at the top. Then I have another set of 5 that is halfway done, then a wool stocking (1 of 2) with turtles, how cool! That's a new pattern. Then the yellow ones in the bottom left corner, I tried the turtle on a small stocking first. Finishing it is not a priority. Then 2 stockings that I wanted to make sure the customers liked the colours.

This is the set that is basically finished:
Aren't they pretty?! This is going to be my new main photo for the set of 5 on Etsy. But not this year, it's sold out and not getting renewed. Maybe I'll write the pattern for the snowmen and snowflake stockings.

Find me on Etsy: Santa's sock central

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