Friday, October 3, 2014

Now Taking Orders for 2015

I've had lots of interest in my Christmas stockings in the last few days, so from now on orders cannot be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas this year. Such a shame having to turn away customers, I do enjoy the popularity... The other stocking hand knitters on Etsy seem to have the same problem though.

Who can spot the copyright infringement?

This set turned out lovely, the stockings have very similar patterns but the main patterns are all completely different which makes them very striking I think. I'm a bit afraid the third stocking could get me into trouble with the trademark holders, so I'm not going to mention what the symbol is, so I wouldn't be accidentally found on google. A customer gave me a challenge. 

Christmas is coming

This is a set of pure wool stockings, the customer wanted the bear's nose slightly shorter, I agree that this looks better, so I changed the pattern for future projects. This colour way for a set of 2 and in pure wool is extremely popular, I already knitted a few and I have another one on the needles. 

So pretty

This set could well be my favourite new design of 2014, looks great with the colours like this. I like how I'm moving away from the black and white (+ colour) I used to only do. 

I'm also pleased with the elephants, this is the first large stocking I have knitted with elephants. 

There's a third stocking to be knitted, with reindeer. 

Madly grinning gingerbread men

And finally I got an order for a gingerbread man, I've been dying to knit this again. Classic design, very popular this year again. 

My current count is 20 stockings to knit, but there are up to 4 prospective customers who I'm saving time for as well. 

This weekend I should be able to finish 2 orders, and start 3 new ones, I hope anyway. I want to only take photos on Sundays, it's getting quite dark in the evening now. 

So no more orders for Christmas 2014 please. But I have started the waiting list for 2015. 

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