Thursday, July 5, 2012

Making videos is so easy!

I still can't believe how easy it is to make videos for youtube using Animoto ( 

1) Choose (and look for) your photographs. (This is the most difficult step!)
2) Open animoto.
3) Choose style of video.
4) Upload photos (only a few for the free version). 
5) Add text or change the music, change the pacing of the slideshow (optional)
6) Preview
7) Make any changes
8) Produce

Then Animoto will notify you when it's ready (usually straight away). 

To post the video on Youtube:

9) You have to have a youtube account
10) Go back to Animoto, look at the video, top right hand corner there's a drop down menu, choose 'Export video'
11) Export to youtube
12) Allow access

Then it takes a few minutes and the video is in your activity feed in youtube. Now you can make a few edits (search engine optimisation), i.e.

13) Change header to something people would search for
14) Change the video description (as detailed as possible, with a link to your shop, if applicable).
15) Add tags to the video, repeat words from the header and description
16) Change the thumbnail picture if you want.

That's basically it. 

This website is free to use for 30 seconds videos. Then there's a subscription which is 30$ for a year. I wanted to show off my knitting-skills in longer videos, so I bought it. 

Here are some of the videos I made:

This was my first video, it's still the most popular one, with over 300 views now!


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