Friday, July 20, 2012

Projects this Weekend

The weekend has started, I'm happy. I hope I'll get some knitting done, I have also planned a trip to IKEA tomorrow. But these are my seven main knitting projects this weekend:

From top to bottom, left to right:
- I want to start a winter scarf, probably for myself 
- I have a custom order for an 18" cushion cover, so I'd like to get one finished (have to make 2)
- Start a new stocking (has to match other stockings in the family, a bit of a challenge)
- Only sew on the hangers for the Mr and Mrs stockings pair, probably my last for a while
- Start the second sock
- Finish the reindeer stocking and possibly start the next stocking (part of a custom order)
- and a nice and easy plain pair of socks which I will be knitting on the bus tomorrow (unless the promised weekend of summer happens, then it might be too warm, one can dream...)

I will post an update on Sunday, maybe. 

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