Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend projects

I made some progress this weekend, but not as much as I wanted:
New project: Bri stocking exactly like a sample stocking I got. It's not easy to get the size exactly right (different yarn), though I got the colour pretty right. 

I think I doubled this, it will be an 18" pillow cover, still a few inches to go.

I finished the MR and MRS stockings, only the hook was left to do. 

I started the second socks of these. I love the colour but I don't like the pattern anymore. 

I need one pair of easy socks to knit when I don't want to look at what I'm knitting. I didn't make much progress, it's a project for my knitting group.

I finished this nice stocking, and it's already promised for someone on Etsy. The second out of four. 

I started a warm winter scarf for myself.

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  1. Entered the contest and just wanted to say how much I admire and love your work.