Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 facts about Ireland

1 - Fries are chips and chips are crisps, i.e. fish and chips, pack of crisps

Kylemore Abbey
2 - Getting around on a bus is way cheaper than train, luas, taxi.

3 - Good fast food: Supermacs, try tacco chips

4 - Public holidays are always set on Mondays (except Paddy's Day and Christmas, but should these fall on a Saturday/Sunday, then Monday/Tuesday are given as a day off)

5 - People go to the local shops in pyjamas.

6 - A visit to the doctor costs between 40 and 60 euro.

7 - The weather: In winter it's cold and wet, in summer it's slightly warmer and wet.

8 - Don't miss the one day of summer

9 - Tana French writes great crime novels

10 - Imelda May is a popular Irish singer who also looks very stylish. 

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