Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time lapse knitting video

I made a time lapse video of me knitting a chunky sock! It's so cool! I'm showing my face on youtube, who would have thought?! Not my voice, though, not yet anyway. 

Time lapse videos are a technique where you take lots of photos over a long period of time of something that is changing slowly and then the pictures are displayed in quick succession to show the progress of it. This can be done for lots of things, maybe the most popular is inner-city traffic, or movement of clouds, how a flower blooms, or remember the one with the pregnant woman? 

It was made with an app called Lapse it which allows you to take photos from your phone at certain intervals, i.e. every 20 seconds (like mine). All you need is a tripod or something to hold your phone while shooting the video (= the photos). Then you have a few choices to make, such as select how many photos per second you want displayed. Then the video is rendered. 

This was the third video I made of me knitting a sock. I made some more, to test settings, how I look, etc.

For the first attempt I used the free version of the app which has a lower picture size thing and you can't ad music, and apparently you can't change the direction of the video, once it's taken. So you will have to hold your head or your screen sideways now, here it is:

I took one picture every 5 minutes (I figured that would be enough, not much progress to make when knitting a sock), but I got only 21 frames. So the video is very short. 

For the second video, I decided to get the Pro-App, which is $1.99. I also got a haircut, I removed the stocking in the background (overkill?), and I turned my phone around. A big improvement, I think:

On the second video I went for 1 photo per minute and then displaying them as 10 pictures per second. The second and third video have music which I got from a composer who provides royalty-free songs (credit is given in my video on youtube). Unfortunately, the clock got cut off a little at the top. I had my phone (=the camera) in a sat nav holder which I balanced on top of a high table, a low table and some books. I wanted to get an angle that makes me look slimmer...

This is the third video again:

I decided to show some more hair in the third video and cross my legs more to make them seem thinner and more elegant ;) I forgot to wear my knitted socks and I forgot to plug the charger into my phone, but the battery held for these 2.5 hours.

Every video has a toilet break in it, after I drink the colorful juice and I'm turning my head to the right because I'm watching season 4 of 24 (the tv show). Mostly, this is how I knit.

By the way, this is the sock again (the first two videos were a different color):

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