Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crochet Baby Blanket finished!

Today I finished a baby blanket in this modern chevron pattern. The crochet pattern is very easy, this is my second blanket (though the first one isn't actually finished yet). Originally, I intended (and started) a granny square blanket for this new baby, but it turned out to be a dreaded project that I just didn't like picking up. There are so many threads to sew...

So just a few weeks ago I started this blanket. I tried to get one colour-change done every day (or every day that I wasn't busy with something else). Still I just finished it in time for meeting baby Annika for the first time tonight. I hope she'll like it. 
Crochet blanket in my mother's garden.
 I'm on holidays this week, visiting my family in Germany. Hopefully, I'll get lots of projects done, books read, friends visited, food eaten...

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