Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stocking Stuffers from DemHadesSeinRapunzel

What's your name and your shop name? 
My name is Nicole Schroth. The shop is called DemHadesSeinRapunzel which basically is bad-grammar German for "Rapunzel (guess you know the fairytale) of Hades (God of the Underworld)". I took this name because my avatar in forums usually is Persephone (Hades wife) and I love long hair. I have deliberated over changing my shop name several times but it's essentially me, so I decided against it.

What do you sell? 
I sell handknits made of special yarns. I put great emphasis on the use of natural fibres, be it lambswool, alpaka, llama, mohair...The first items were headbands, with long-haired women in mind who like to wear hats but can't put their bun into it. That brings us back to the shop name I guess...

How did you get into your craft? 
I started off at a time when many women seem to get crafty - during pregnancy. I didn't have a clue. Everything beyond purl and knit was an unknown. I started to teach myself from books and trying stuff. And loved it!

Who/ What inspires you? 
Nature is a great inspiration for me. I'm awed by nature's designs to create things overwhelmingly beautiful just out of the simple need to fulfill a purpose. One example that just springs to my mind are chameleons. These are gorgeous creatures, but their vibrant colors were "invented" to make them blend in with their background and thus for survival.

How is Christmas celebrated in your family? 
Family relations are complicated so we end up inviting people at different times around Christmas. The first day is reserved for my daughter, husband and myself.

What is your favourite Christmas song? 
Silent night. It is heart-warming and soothing.

What is your favourite tradition? 
Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I guess it's the creative process joined by candle light, and tea and cake to go with it. ;)

What's for dinner this Christmas? 
A turkey. What else? Since my time in England it has to be a turkey. And cranberries, and chestnut stuffing (American recipe).

What Christmas gift did you get as a child that you particularly remember?
Uuh, that's a difficult one. I clearly remember a Barbie, LEGO (was crazy about it and still am LOL) and a bike. I never got crafty stuff and always thought I had no creativity in me.

Share your tips for non-stressful, peaceful Christmas. 
Start early, prepare everything there is to prepare beforehand. Make guests help and bring something. That's the stressful part sorted. Peaceful? It usually is and separating people who do not get along is unavoidable sometimes.

Which stocking stuffer do you sell? 
What's the story behind them? Have you given them as gifts to for your family and friends? 
My stocking stuffers are finger puppets. When we got our baby, I, as a scientist, was very interested at how babies perceive our world during their first weeks and months. The perception of colors and the importance of facial expressions stuck in my head most. That is what I want others to know as well. There are loads of pastel colored items out there which might look great to parents and grandparents but are completely lost to those tiny baby eyes. Unfortunately, lots of people in Germany decide not to have children, so the list of parents-to-be is short in my circle of friends.

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